Colour of diamond refers to a diamond absence of color. The most popular grading system adopted widely nowadays is GIA (Gemology Institute of America). GIA grades diamonds’ colour from D (colorless) to Z (faint yellow tinge). For D to H graded diamond, it is difficult for non-professionals to identify, especially for those which have already been set on jewelry. Diamonds with higher color appears to be whiter but both high and low-colored diamonds can offer good luster, brilliance and scintillation.

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Diamond Colour Grading

According to GIA approval, colour grade would be defined from D to Z. The colour with D grade is the premier possible.

D colour

D grade diamonds are the highest and completely colourless diamond. They are extremely rare some people are fond of this colour.

E colour

E grade diamonds are almost completely colourless. They are very rare and only very minor traces of colour can be identified by an expert gemologist.

F colour

F grade diamonds are almost colourless. They are rare and very small traces of colour can be found by an expert gemologist.

G colour

G grade diamonds are nearly colourless. It is difficult to detect by naked eye unless use side by side method to compare with a better colour diamond.

H colour

H grade diamonds are next to colourless. They have absolutely white colour when face up or after setting in Jewelry. It is difficult for non professional to detect.

I colour

I grade diamonds have very slight tinge of colour. They look white when face up or after setting in Jewelry. This colour offers great value.

J colour

J grade diamonds have slight tinge of colour. They look quiet white when face up. J grade is always 10% to 20% cheaper than I colour.

K colour

K grade diamonds have very minor yellow tinge of colour. They still look quiet white when face up. They are suitable for those not looking for colourless diamond.

L colour

L grade diamonds have slight yellow tinge of colour. They are good choice for budget buyer.

M colour

M grade diamonds have little yellow tinge of colour. They are very good choice for customer with limited budget.

N colour

N-Z grade diamonds are not offered by Diamond Collection.

Fancy Colour

Fancy colour is different from colourless or yellow tinge of colour. The colour shown in fancy colour diamonds are a natural colour. Since diamond possesses natural colour is scarcity (only 1% of all diamonds), which is very precious.