There are a number of diamond shapes, and each of them has its specific exclusive features. The followings will tell you more about some commonly seen shapes. The ultimate shape of the finished diamond is entirely depends on the characteristics and the yield of the rough diamond. Generally, the cutting result of fancy shapes can have better yield retention than round. Therefore, the unit price of Fancy Shapes is usually cheaper than Rounds. Despite the price, round brilliant can perform greater fire, brilliance and scintillation. However, to fit the design of the jewelry, different shapes of fancy cut are invented and brought into the new market.

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most common and popular shape with long history. In 1919, a Belgium diamond cutter Mr. Marcel Tolkowsky analyzed the round cut by applying his calculations in mathematics theories. He considered both the reflection index of brilliance (light) and fire (the colour of spectrum) of diamond and created a delicate balance. These two Tolkowsky calculations afterward serve as the basic standards for all brilliant cut and their modifications. Nowadays these round brilliant diamonds can offer great reflection and maximize the diamonds' brilliance.

The difference of brilliance (light) and fire (the colour of spectrum)

Princess Diamonds

Princess cut was developed in 1981 and has a history around 30 years. It carries the brilliance same as Round cut with the stepped lines of Emerald cut. It is in square shape with pointed corners.
When choosing a Princess cut diamond, we advise not to select the ones that are too flat due to small depth percentage or too deep that keep all their weight on the bottom. Both of them make diamond looks lack of life.

Emeraid Diamonds

Emerald cut is a traditional classical cutting style and most are often used as a center solitaire for engagement rings. It is a step-cut diamond in rectangular dimension with cut corners. The typical size of a 1 carat rectangular Emerald cut should be around 7 by 5 mm.
As to the parallel facets and clear lines, inclusions and imperfections are clearly shown in Emerald cut. Therefore if you choose a SI clarity grade diamond, you have to make sure that the inclusion is not visible to naked eye.

Asscher Diamonds

Asscher Cut is generally described as the modification of the Emerald cut. Similar to Emerald Cut with slanting cut corners, Asscher cut is a square cut with a smaller table and larger steps.
Same as Emerald cut, if you choose a SI clarity grade, please inspect the clarity before you decide.

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds look like a lengthened oval with shaped end. As the visibility of diamond is emphasized, carat weight is maximized, which means that a larger looking diamond is appeared. Marquise can give brilliance effect on diamond as round diamond. Also, elongated shape of diamond makes the fingers look slim and long. Thus, it is one of the popular choices for ladies.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are suitable for those who are seeking the brilliance as Round diamonds but with a slightly lengthened shape. A length-to-width ratio of 1.5 : 1 should be always treated as a good Oval cut. Analogous to marquise diamond, lengthened diamond can make the fingers look slim and long.

Radiant Diamonds

Radiant diamonds have the features of clean lines as Emerald cut with blocked corners. It was the first diamond cut which combines the elegance of the Emerald cut and the Round brilliant. Due to the trimmed corners signature, radiant cut is popular to be used as the center stone in a ring, but also available in smaller sizes for side stones and earrings.

Pear Diamonds

The technical name for Pear cut is “Pear-Shaped Modified Brilliant”, based on its shape and modifications of round brilliant configuration. Pear cut is also known as “teardrop”. It is the elongated shape with two different ends – pointed and rounded.
As the shape is unique, it is popular for jewelers to use in dangling earring.

Heart Diamonds

Heart is always the symbol of love, so Heart-shaped diamonds are always full of romance and are popular for purposes.
When selecting Heart-shaped diamonds, you should find a shape that can please your eye and avoid too long or too fat. Otherwise, the purpose of buying a heart shape is defeated because it is not a graceful selection.

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut is a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners diamond. It is also known as “pillow cut”. It is one of the most common and popular shapes with long history. Cushion cut diamonds are specially used in larger-carat as the center stone in rings and matching pairs for earrings.