Fluorescence is visible light emitted naturally when a diamond is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) light. It appears in 1/3 of diamonds. The strength of fluorescence is categorized from None, Faint, Medium, Strong to Very Strong. Some diamond dealers consider fluorescence diamonds are less desirable, due to about 1% to 2% of the fluorescence diamonds may appear hazy or milky. However, some recent research results reveal that fluorescence has a positive effect to help diamonds appear whiter, even though diamonds carrying Strong or Very Strong fluorescence may appear hazy.

In fact, there is significant discount for the price of diamonds carry fluorescence. So it is important for customer to choose the best diamonds according to their own desirable and budget. We are pleased and honored to assist our customer to make the best decision with our profession and experience.

(Please go to http://gia4cs.gia.edu/EN-US/the-diamond-4-cs.htm for more information about 4Cs by
Gemological Institute of America)