Factors Affecting Diamond Price

There are many factors affecting the price of diamonds. Colour, Clarity, Carat (size), Cut, Shape and Fluorescence are the major determinants of the price of diamonds. Difference in single grade or level will make the price change from 5% to 30%.

Nevertheless, unlike Jade or pearl, diamond dealer are using an international price indicator “Rapaport” as their price reference instead of applying personal judgment and assessment in Jade or Pearl. Mr. Martin Rapaport in 1978 set up a quantitative way to indicate the diamond price with reference to 3 main criteria i.e. Color, Clarity and Carat (size) of diamond.

However, during the selling price setting, seller would also consider the Cut Grade and Fluorescence. For example, an “Excellent” cut diamond is always 10% to 20 % more expensive than a “Good” cut diamond. On the other hand a stone having “Strong” fluorescence is always 10% to 20% cheaper than a stone having “ None or Faint” fluorescence. To understand more about the difference in price relating to different grading of diamond, our professional advisers would explain in detail upon enquiry.